Chapter 10. Editing Your Drawing with Advanced Tools

This chapter completes the discussion, started in the preceding chapter, of geometric editing commands — covering the more complex commands used to refine the details of your drawing. These commands enable you to copy, move, resize, break, and cover objects, as well as construct corners. I also discuss grips, which make it easy to move, mirror, rotate, scale, and stretch objects, and I explain how to use the Quick Properties panel and the Properties palette to edit objects. I end the chapter with a discussion of three ways to control the selection of objects — groups, filters, and the Quick Select feature.


Although you can use the editing tools that I describe in this chapter in a 3D environment, this chapter assumes that you are working in a 2D environment, using the default 2D Drafting & Annotation workspace. (AutoCAD LT doesn't offer a 3D environment.) To make sure that you're in a 2D environment, set the workspace to 2D Drafting & Annotation (from the Workspace ...

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