Suddenly, It's 2012!

There's been a new release of AutoCAD every spring since AutoCAD 2004 was launched in 2003. That's not much time for even an army of programmers to deliver a compelling new feature set that's going to convince all users that they just have to upgrade. What seems to have been happening is a concentration on particular areas in recent releases. For example, AutoCAD 2007 was a 3D release; the 3D modeling engine was made much easier to use, but there was relatively little to please the 2D crowd. By contrast, AutoCAD 2008 was deemed to be “the drafter's release” because of the number of enhancements to 2D drawing capabilities — above all, the introduction of annotative documentation objects. In AutoCAD 2009, the new interface got the lion's share of development (suddenly, it's Office 2007!); major new features were limited to some 3D navigation tools, the very useful Quick Properties tool, and a palettized Layer Properties Manager. AutoCAD 2010 offered significant enhancements to both 2D and 3D users, in parametric drafting tools, and free-form mesh modeling, and AutoCAD 2011 introduced some workflow changes and a welcome new object property, transparency.

image AutoCAD 2012 once again has presents for both the 2D and the 3D crowds, in the new “in-canvas” viewport controls (not in AutoCAD LT), a selectable user coordinate system icon, a powerful Content Explorer feature, ...

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