Turning On Your Annotative Objects

As I describe in the “Annotatively yours” sidebar, earlier in the chapter, you have a couple of extra steps in the workflow in order to take advantage of single-line or multiline text you create using annotative styles. You have to assign the scales you're likely to use in your drawing to the text objects and then set the annotation scale accordingly. The following steps explain how to assign annotation scales to text that has been created using an annotative text style:

  1. Make sure the text is annotative by hovering the crosshairs over it.

    If the text was created with an annotative style that hasn't had any annotation scales applied to it, you see a single triangular symbol beside the crosshairs. (The symbol represents the end view of a triangular engineering scale.) If there's no symbol, the text isn't annotative.

    image If Quick Properties is enabled at the status bar, you can make individual text objects annotative even if they've been created using a non-annotative style by selecting the text and changing the Annotative property from No to Yes in the Quick Properties palette; you can do the same in the Properties palette by selecting the text and pressing Ctrl+1. There may be times when you would want to do this, but they're probably few and far between. Until you become very familiar with annotative objects and decide how you want to use them in ...

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