Chapter 4

Editing Entities

Drawing in the AutoCAD® program is not just about creating lines, rectangles, circles, and other shapes. Most of your time will be spent editing entities. Although AutoCAD provides the basic tools for transforming shapes, such as Move, Copy, Rotate, and Scale, more complex editing tools are also available, such as Array, Trim, Extend, Lengthen, Stretch, Offset, Mirror, Break, Join, and Overkill.

  • Creating selection sets
  • Move and Copy
  • Rotate and Scale
  • Working with arrays
  • Trim and Extend
  • Lengthen and Stretch
  • Offset and Mirror
  • Grip editing

Creating Selection Sets

All editing commands operate on one or more drawing entities. In complex drawings you have to plan how you will select only those entities you want to edit while ...

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