Chapter 16

Navigating 3D Models

The only tools you need to navigate 2D drawings are Pan and Zoom, which are simple to use. However, getting around 3D models can be a bit more challenging. This chapter will delve into how to navigate 3D models in the AutoCAD® 2013 program. (Please note that the AutoCAD LT® software doesn’t support these features.) You’ll learn various methods for visualizing and navigating 3D models, from selecting visual styles to using preset isometric views. You’ll also learn how to orbit into custom views and interactively navigate in perspective.

  • Using visual styles
  • Working with tiled viewports
  • Navigating with the ViewCube
  • Orbiting in 3D
  • Using cameras
  • Navigating with SteeringWheels
  • Saving views

Using Visual Styles

Visual ...

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