A Zoom with a View

In This Chapter

arrow Zooming and panning

arrow Naming and restoring views

arrow Zooming and panning in paper space layouts

arrow Regenerating the display

One advantage that AutoCAD has over manual drafting is its ability to show you different views of a drawing.

You move the viewpoint in, or zoom in, to see a closer view of the objects in a drawing; you move the viewpoint out, or zoom out, to see a more expansive view. Think of zooming as moving closer to, or farther away from, the monitor.

Panning doesn’t refer to looking for gold but rather, looking at a different part of a drawing without changing the magnification of the view. If you zoom in so that part of the drawing is no longer shown onscreen, you’ll pan around in the drawing without zooming in and out. Think of the monitor as a window through which you’re looking at part of the drawing. Now reach through the window and slide the drawing around until you can see a different portion of it through the window.

remember_4c.eps Neither panning ...

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