Ten AutoCAD Resources

As much as we want to make a claim to the contrary, you probably do need slightly more information than this book and a copy of the software and the software’s Help system offer in order to reach the highest peaks of AutoCAD mastery. This chapter lists ten likely aids to help you find out more about your favorite (right?) software program.

Autodesk Feedback Community

If you're interested in helping shape future releases of AutoCAD, sign in to the Autodesk Feedback Community portal (https://beta.autodesk.com) using your Autodesk account, and then apply by clicking the Create Account link. If you're accepted, you will, in return for small (or sometimes considerable) time commitments, contribute your ideas to the AutoCAD Futures group or apply to beta-test the next release of AutoCAD.

Autodesk Discussion Groups

Although independent, newsreader-based discussion groups are still out there, the majority of the AutoCAD action nowadays happens in Autodesk’s own moderated discussion groups. They’re user-to-user groups, but even so, Autodesk employees frequently jump in to answer questions in their areas of expertise, and sometimes on their own time.

To see what's there, point your browser to forums.autodesk.com to find product-based discussion groups for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Autodesk’s Own Bloggers

Several Autodesk employees run their own blogs via the company servers, and they're chockablock with tips, techniques, and (occasionally) highly entertaining digressions. ...

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