Note to Reader: Bolded page numbers refer to main discussions and definitions. Italicized page numbers refer to illustrations.



adding 2D lines to drafting model, 685687, 685687

ensuring modifications do not affect other views, 116118, 117118, 127

importing 2D floor plan from AutoCAD, 919921, 920921

2×4 ACT ceiling

adding to specified rooms, 412

placing, 410


accessing 3D views, 34

adding 3D lines to drafting model, 685687, 685687

adding camera views, 149150

checking model in, 197198, 198

generating massing object, 804805, 804805

locking orientation of, 30

looking at model with, 113114, 113114

Project Browser category for, 32

solar studies. see solar studies

switching to 2D, 116118, 117118

walkthroughs. see walkthroughs ...

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