Chapter 18

Site and Topography

When it comes to adding a site to a model, the Autodesk® Revit® Architecture software is well equipped to take on the challenge. However, in many cases Revit is dependent on Autodesk® AutoCAD® or MicroStation to provide a real-case scenario for a site that can be imported (similar to importing a plan or a detail). Fortunately, Revit provides tools to add a topographic surface to an imported CAD site.

  • Adding a site in Revit
  • Splitting the surface
  • Creating subregions
  • Adding site components
  • Adding building pads to displace earth
  • Adding a property line
  • Creating a toposurface by instance
  • Creating a graded region

Adding a Site in Revit

To get started, let’s do something easy and then migrate into the more difficult areas, ...

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