Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press

Book description

Your step-by-step guide to learning Autodesk Revit Architecture

This detailed introduction to Revit Architecture features straightforward explanations and real-world, hands-on tutorials to teach new users the software's core features and functions.

Presented in the context of real-world workflows, and using real-world projects, each chapter contains a discussion of the "why" and "how" that is reinforced with a step-by-step tutorial so you'll gain practical and applicable experience with the core features of Revit Architecture. The new pedagogical approach emphasizes learning skills to help you prepare for the Revit certification exams.

  • Learn at your pace with step-by-step exercises, illustrated with full-color screenshots and downloadable Revit tutorial files

  • Work with floors, ceilings, walls, and curtain walls

  • Use modeling and massing to explore design ideas

  • Use the Family Editor to create and manage families

  • Understand effective worksharing, BIM workflows, and file management

  • Use rendering and visualization techniques to make your design come alive

  • Prepare for Revit certification exams

  • With Autodesk Revit Architecture Essentials, you are only a step away from better, faster building design.

    Table of contents

    1. Foreword
    2. Introduction
    3. Chapter 1: Introducing the Autodesk Revit Architecture Interface
      1. Understanding the User Interface
      2. Creating a Simple Layout
    4. Chapter 2: Walls and Curtain Walls
      1. Understanding Wall Types and Parameters
      2. Creating Wall Configurations
      3. Modifying Wall Parameters
      4. Editing and Resetting Wall Profiles
      5. Cutting Openings
      6. Creating Curtain Walls
    5. Chapter 3: Floors, Roofs, and Ceilings
      1. Creating Floors
      2. Creating Roofs
      3. Adding Ceilings
    6. Chapter 4: Stairs, Ramps, and Railings
      1. Creating a Generic Railing
      2. Creating Stair Configurations
      3. Designing Ramps
    7. Chapter 5: Adding Families
      1. Understanding the Model Hierarchy
      2. Working with System Families
      3. Working with Component Families
      4. Working with In-Place Component Families
    8. Chapter 6: Modifying Families
      1. Modifying 3D Families
      2. Family Categories
      3. Modifying 2D Families
      4. Family Tips and Best Practices
    9. Chapter 7: Schematic Design
      1. Importing a 2D Image
      2. Designing with a 3D Sketch
      3. Creating Revit Elements from a Mass
    10. Chapter 8: Rooms and Color Fill Plans
      1. Defining Rooms in Spaces
      2. Generating Color Fill Room Plans
    11. Chapter 9: Materials, Visualization, Rendering
      1. Materials
      2. Graphic Display Options
      3. Rendering
    12. Chapter 10: Worksharing
      1. Configuring Worksharing
      2. Saving to the Central Model
      3. Worksharing Display Modes
      4. Editing Requests
      5. Worksharing Best Practices
    13. Chapter 11: Details and Annotations
      1. Creating Details
      2. Annotating Your Details
      3. Creating Legends
    14. Chapter 12: Drawing Sets
      1. Schedules
      2. Placing Views on Sheets
      3. Printing Documents
    15. Chapter 13: Workflow and Site Modeling
      1. Understanding a BIM Workflow
      2. Staffing a BIM Project
      3. Project Roles Using Revit Architecture
      4. Modeling a Site
      5. Performing Quality Control on Your Model: Keeping an Eye on File Size
    16. Chapter 14: Repeating Objects, Best Practices, and Quick Tips
      1. Repeating Objects
      2. Optimize Performance
      3. Utilize Best Practices
      4. Use Quick Tips and Shortcuts
      5. Locate Additional Resources
    17. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: June 2014
    • Publisher(s): Sybex
    • ISBN: 9781118870952