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Autodesk Revit in 4 Hours

Video Description

Efficiently create models to capture design intent with Autodesk Revit

About This Video

  • An overview of the major tools needed to build a successful 3D model
  • A brief discussion of advanced methods used for many of the tools covered
  • An introduction to creating custom elements to make your design and model unique

In Detail

Autodesk Revit boasts powerful tools that allow you to efficiently plan and manage your projects and visualize your designs.

You will begin by navigating Revit before discussing the tools you'll need to begin setting up a project. Then you'll cover the basic tools and methods for building a 3D model using all of the most common tools. Then you will create custom elements that allow you to add a level of detail and design to make your projects unique.

You will then learn 2D modeling; we will be looking at many of the tools that help round-out a good drawing set; from dimensions to two-dimensional linework and fill regions—everything from the stock materials built into Revit, to creating custom textures to get the look you’re after. After learning 2D models you will create 3D views using the settings that are associated with the internal rendering engine.

Finally, we will discuss tools and processes by which you can produce a full construction document or presentation drawing set: this will include title blocks, sheets, and custom schedules, as well as how to save a set of drawings as a PDF or print them as hard copies.