3Speech-Based Dialect Identification for Tamil

Archana J.P. and B. Bharathi*

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu, India


Tamil is one of the oldest languages that possesses a vast knowledge of literature and grammar. Dialect refers to the language that the majority of people in an area speak. Speech recognition technology has become increasingly common in modern electronics. Dialects of a given language play a crucial part in this. Because there are many similarities among dialects of language, discriminating between them is a critical component of dialect identification systems. The dialect of a language is not a distinctive characteristic because nativity influences it. The formation of dialects can be for different reasons. Automatic speech recognition (ASR) will be impacted by dialect identification since speakers who are accustomed to a variety of dialects will pronounce the same words differently. There will be dialect information in speech at various segmental levels. The creation of an appropriate technique for the precise detection of dialect will aid in applications and support, such as the speech recognition technology used in practically all electronic gadgets, are being improved. Due to the greater resemblance across dialects of the same language, dialect identification is regarded as a more challenging topic than language recognition. In this work, identification of dialects of the ...

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