Configure Remote BLOB Storage

Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) is new to SharePoint 2010, and it replaces the External BLOB Storage (EBS) that was released with MOSS 2007 Service Pack 1. EBS was adopted into SharePoint to move BLOB data out of the Content Database and into another environment: SAN, NAS, or the local file system. EBS is still available and supported in SharePoint 2010, but it has been effectively deprecated in favor of RBS and will most likely not make it into the next version of SharePoint.

RBS is a product of the SQL Server team, and it is a feature of SQL Server 2008. Thus, while SharePoint 2010 is supported on SQL Server 2005 (64-bit), SharePoint 2010 will not support RBS with SQL Server 2005. This is important to know, especially ...

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