Appendix D. VMware VIX Plug-In

Chapter 9, “Amazing Smoothies Day 3: VM Provisioning,” touched on using the VMware VIX plug-in to perform post-installation steps. However, that chapter did not provide much guidance about installing the plug-in. The reasoning there was twofold: 1) The VIX plug-in is not provided by or tested by the VMware vCO team; and 2) the installation process for the VIX plug-in requires a few additional steps to make it work. These two points bring us to this appendix.

This appendix covers the following:

What VMware VIX is and what you can use it for

Preparing the VIX installation

Installing the VIX plug-in


The VMware VIX plug-in currently requires a Microsoft Windows–based vCenter Orchestrator install for the ...

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