Chapter 1. Introducing VMware vCenter Orchestrator

Where to begin when introducing VMware vCenter Orchestrator? At the beginning, I suppose. Like any new relationship, it helps to get to know one another. So, that is what we do here with VMware vCenter Orchestrator. VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) is one of VMware’s most powerful but best kept secrets. In fact, you have likely picked up this book because you know it exists but have any number of questions about what vCO can do, if you can make vCO work for you, or whether vCO is even a good fit for your environment. This chapter answers the following questions:

What is vCO?

What can vCO do?

Why should you use vCO?

Who should use vCO?

When should you use vCO?

Where does vCO fit? ...

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