Automotive power transmission systems deliver output from the power source, which can be an internal combustion engine or an electric motor or a combination of them, to the driving wheels. There are many valuable books and monographs published for internal combustion engines (ICE), but only a few can be found in the public domain, as referenced in this book, that are specifically written for automotive transmissions. Technical publications by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in transmissions are mostly for conventional ICE vehicles and are basically collections of research papers that are aimed at readers with high expertise in transmission sub‐areas. The purpose of this book is to offer interested readers, including undergraduate or graduate students and practicing engineers in the related disciplines, a systematic coverage of the design, analysis, and control of various types of automotive transmissions for conventional ICE vehicles, pure electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles. The aim is that this book can be used either as a textbook for students in the field of vehicular engineering or as a reference book for engineers working in the automotive industry.

The authors have taught a series of courses on powertrain systems for both ICE and electric‐hybrid vehicles over many years in the graduate programs of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and automotive systems engineering at the University of Michigan‐Dearborn. The lecture notes of these courses ...

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