I have retained the direct style of writing referring to the reader as ‘you’. You may be
a manager, an auditor, a consultant, an instructor, a member of staff, a student or
simply an interested reader. You may not have the power to do what is recommended
in this book but may know of someone who does whom you can influence. There will
be readers who feel I have laboured topics too much but it never ceases to amaze me
how many different ways a certain word, phase or requirement might be interpreted.
The type of organizations that might seek ISO/TS 16949 certification are by no means
all Tier 1 suppliers to the big vehicle makers. As a result, the interpretations in the book
are given with respect to as wide a readership as practical. I have not assumed that the
only people reading the book will be from organizations supplying customer-specified
products; and the interpretations also relate to organizations supplying customer-
selected products.
This book is written for those who want to improve the performance of their organiza-
tion, and whether or not certification is a goal or indeed required, I hope it will continue
to provide a source of inspiration in the years ahead.
David Hoyle
E-mail: hoyle@transition-support.com
xii Preface
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