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Avid Uncut

Book Description

Leverage the full power of Avid Media Composer with this essential guide from an Avid guru. Master timesaving tricks and techniques that utilize the latest Media Composer features and state-of-the-art workflows. Learn the secrets of the postproduction professionals from box office blockbusters like Harry Potter, I am Legend, Dark Shadows, Men in Black II, Charlie’s Angels, 42, and The Last of the Mohicans, as well as primetime hits like SMASH, Big Bang Theory, Weeds, The Mindy Project, and MythBusters.

In Avid Uncut, Steve Hullfish taps into the expertise of the world’s top editors to share in-depth, behind-the-scenes secrets and best practices that will boost your editing and color correction skills to the next level. Five distinct sections cover:

  • Pre-post, including discussion of metadata, prepping ScriptSync, decomposing, and more
  • Settings, with tips on keyboard optimization, bin settings, and import/export settings
  • Off-line workflows on trimming, multicam editing, using Phrasefind, audio, and stereoscopic 3D
  • Effects, such as 3rd party plugins, 3D warp effects, and Animatte
  • On-line workflows for efficiently and beautifully finishing your work, including step-by-step tutorials for RED and ARRI Alexa workflows

Also featured are extensive tips dedicated to helping FCP editors switch over to Avid, as well as a companion website (www.routledge.com/cw/hullfish) loaded with video tutorials of the techniques discussed in the book and project files, including RED and ARRI Alexa footage, that turn Avid Uncut into an invaluable, hands-on workshop!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1 Pre-Postproduction
    1. Metadata
      1. ALE
      2. More on Metadata
    2. Avid Organizational Concepts
      1. Projects
      2. Avid Project Folder Structure
    3. Managing Bins Inside a Project
      1. Managing Clips Inside a Bin
    4. Scripted Bin Management
      1. Prep of Smash
      2. Prep of The Big Bang Theory
      3. Prep of The Mindy Project
      4. Quick ScriptSync Overview
    5. Unscripted Bin Management
    6. Using Bins from Other Projects
    7. Understanding Avid MediaFiles Folders
      1. The Structure and Files of the Avid MediaFiles Folder
    8. Managing Storage
    9. Using the Media Tool to Delete/Find Unused Media
    10. Consolidating
    11. Decomposing
    12. Ingest from File-Based Workflow—AMA
      1. RED
      2. ARRI Alexa
      3. XDCAM
      4. P2
      5. Canon 5DMII, 5DMIII, 7D, T21, and Other Canon DSLRs
      6. QuickTime (.MOV)
    13. Ingest from File-Based Workflow—Non-AMA
    14. Moving from AMA to Transcoded Media
    15. Dynamic Media Folders
    16. High-Resolution Media
    17. Color Management
      1. Installing an External LUT
      2. Applying an External LUT
      3. Using Color Decision Lists (CDLs)
      4. AMA Source Settings
    18. Audio from Double-System Sound
    19. Prepping Feature Films
    20. ScriptSync
      1. Script Supervisors and Lining a Script
      2. Preparing to Edit with ScriptSync
      3. Using the ScriptSync Script to Edit
      4. Using ScriptSync with a Nonscripted Shoot
    21. Editing Proxy/Low-Res/Up-Rez to Final Quality
      1. Overall AAD and Transfer Tips
      2. A RED Preproduction Workflow
      3. An ALEXA Preproduction Workflow
      4. Metadata in Action
  9. Chapter 2 Settings
    1. Project, User, and Site Settings
    2. Settings Fast Menu
    3. Important Settings
    4. Bin Settings
    5. Important Settings Continued
    6. Keyboard Optimization
    7. Mapping the Keyboard
    8. My Keyboard Settings
      1. My Specific Keyboard Mapping
      2. Things I Don’t Have Mapped
    9. FCP Keyboard
    10. Timeline
      1. Timeline Contextual Menu
      2. Timeline Fast Menu
    11. Workspaces
      1. Create a Custom Workspace
      2. Reconfiguring and Saving an Existing Workspace
      3. Linked Workspace Settings
    12. Sharing Settings between Users or Projects and Site Settings
    13. Import Settings
      1. The Options for Import and the Effects of Common Mistakes in Import Settings
    14. Export Settings
  10. Chapter 3 Off-Line
    1. Moving from FCP to Avid
      1. Identical Features
      2. Things You’ll Love about Avid
      3. Comparable Tools and Methods
      4. Smart Tool Functions
      5. Some Things That You’ll Need to Get Used To
      6. Effects Differences for FCP Users
    2. Trimming Concepts
      1. Using Extend Edit to Trim
      2. Trimming is Timing
    3. Multicam
    4. ScriptSync
    5. Using PhraseFind
    6. Exploiting the Latest Features in MC6 and MC7
    7. Audio
      1. Mixing
      2. AudioTool
      3. Audio Project Settings
      4. Rubberbanding
      5. AudioSuite and RTAS
      6. EQ
      7. Timeline Audio Changes in MC7
    8. 3D—Stereoscopic
      1. Considerations for Ingest
      2. Fixing Stereoscopic Errors
      3. Color Correcting Stereoscopic Clips
      4. Fixing Spatial Alignment
      5. Considerations When Editing Stereoscopic
      6. Editing Effects
      7. Adding Titles
      8. Outputting Stereoscopic Sequences
  11. Chapter 4 Effects
    1. General Effects Concepts
      1. Application
      2. Effects in Filler
      3. Collapsing, or Nesting, and Stepping In and Stepping Out
    2. Effects Settings
    3. Keyframes
      1. Some Basic Keyframe Behaviors
      2. Advanced Keyframes
    4. Promoting Effects to 3D
    5. AniMatte
    6. Title Tool
      1. Avid Title Tool Menu Bar
      2. Font Styles and Templates
      3. Rolls and Crawls in the Title Tool
    7. Marquee
    8. Third-Party Plug-Ins
      1. NewBlue Titler Pro
      2. Boris
    9. Avid FX
      1. Avid FX Transitions
      2. Avid FX Title-Matte Effect
      3. Avid FX Filter Effect
      4. GenArts Sapphire
  12. Chapter 5 On-Line
    1. On-Lining Smash
    2. Avid-to-Avid Tips from NatGeo’s Border Wars
    3. Up-Rez from Tape-Based Media in Avid
    4. Up-Rez from Inside Avid
    5. Exporting for On-Line on Another System, or Round-Tripping
    6. Alexa Conform DN×HD Round Trip
    7. RED Conform Round Trip Using Camera Originals
    8. Color Correction
    9. Native Avid and Symphony Color Correction
      1. The Color Correction Interface
      2. Composer Window
      3. Color Correction Window
      4. CC Effect Tab
      5. HSL Tab
      6. Channels Tab
      7. Levels Tab
      8. Curves Tab
      9. Secondary Tab
    10. Baselight Color Correction
    11. Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks
    12. Output
      1. Digital Cut
      2. Export
      3. Export to Device
      4. Working with New File-Based Delivery—AS11 Support in MC7
    13. Workflows for Archiving and Restoring
    14. Collaboration with ProTools/Third-Party Audio Mixing
    15. Conclusion
  13. Index