Appendix A

Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes and Q&A Sections

Chapter 1

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

1. C. Application agility

2. B. Securing the hypervisor

3. B. S3

4. D. Only when an RDS database has replicas in two availability zones.

5. A. All calls to AWS are API calls, regardless of the access method.

6. D. EC2

7. A. Creating and managing SSH keys and C. Enabling HTTPS on the Apache server

8. C. Compute, networking, and storage solutions as a service

9. D. An IAM-generated secret key and an access key ID

10. B. A datacenter


1. availability zone

2. IaaS

3. Route 53

4. Stop using the root account for everyday tasks.

5. Programmatic access

6. The man page of the AWS CLI, the service, or the operation is displayed. ...

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