Chapter 1

Starting Your AWS Adventure


check Considering the AWS cloud environment

check Defining Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

check Specifying a need for AWS

check Getting an AWS-related certification

check Rounding out your education

Amazon Web Services (AWS) started out as a tiny bit of software that enabled people to perform a limited number of tasks directly on Amazon, such as querying a product, placing a product request, or checking on an order status. The initial service didn’t do much, but people loved it, so it grew and then kept growing. Today, AWS is a huge web service, so big that it’s nearly impossible for anyone to explore it fully. It performs all sorts of tasks that don’t even relate to buying and selling products. In fact, the buying and selling of products is more of a sideline today as people use AWS more for computing services of all types (things like data storage and running applications). The purpose of this chapter is to help you understand what makes AWS special — ...

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