Chapter 3

Determining Which Services to Use


check Understanding the free tier services

check Deciding on which services to use

check Overcoming potential security issues

In looking at some of the screenshots in Chapter 2, you might have felt instantly overwhelmed by the number of services within Amazon Web Services (AWS). You might also have a tough time deciding which services to use (or even try) because of the way Amazon categorizes them. You could quickly become mired in an exploration of a service that will never help you, wasting some of the 12 months that Amazon gives you as part of the free-tier services to explore. The first part of this chapter, “Getting a Quick Overview of Free-Tier Services,” goes through the free-tier services one at a time and helps you better understand how you might employ each one in real-world situations.

Even after you get a better understanding of what task each service performs, you might still find choosing one difficult because some of the services seemingly overlap in functionality. The next section of the chapter, “Choosing the Services You Need,” offers insights into how to choose a particular service. You may still have to experiment with ...

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