Chapter 8

Managing Files Using the Elastic File System


check Defining the Elastic File System (EFS) feature set

check Using EFS to perform useful work

check Using the Elasticsearch Service

The Elastic File System (EFS) provides a third option for storing information on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is the most feature rich of the three options discussed so far in the book. However, features don’t always translate into additional usability. Choosing the right storage method will save you time, effort, and money. The more you ask AWS to do, the more Amazon charges for the service. That’s why the first section of this chapter spends time comparing the three options so that you have a better idea of what you actually get with each option.

After you know how EFS works and how it compares to the other storage options, you can start working with it. This chapter helps you with all the standard tasks that you might perform with EFS. The goal is to configure EFS so that you can actually interact with it on your EC2 setup.

One of the services that EFS supports is Elasticsearch. The Elasticsearch is an open source search and analytics engine. You use it to perform various sorts of analysis, ...

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