Chapter 15

Supporting Users with Business Software


check Developing online content with WordPress

check Performing e-commerce tasks using Magento

check Using SugarCRM to create your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Business software, in contrast to the infrastructure software described in Chapter 14, provides users with resources needed to accomplish specific tasks. Some of these tasks directly affect data. However, business software also includes applications that increase productivity, measure productivity, and reduce costs through automation. Your business wouldn’t run well without business software to make tasks manageable and, you hope, transparent to the end user. This chapter discusses just three of the more than 100 pieces of business software that you can view at These three selections should give you a better idea of what software is available so that you know what you can rely on Amazon to provide.

warning The business software is indeed free, but with some important restrictions. When working with the Amazon highlighted products, you ...

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