Chapter 3

Choosing the Right Services


check Understanding the free services

check Discovering which services work best with your application

check Defining the special security needs

There seems to be a conspiracy to move developers to the cloud whether it makes sense to do so or not. Everywhere you read about development moving to the cloud, and the reasons for doing so seem dependent mainly on saving money. In some cases, you also read reasons that focus on saving time, ensuring remote access to application data, enhancing reliability, and a host of other issues, but the focus really is on saving money.

The problem is that if you don’t choose services carefully, moving to the cloud may make your application more costly, less reliable, and less accessible, while at the same time costing you a lot more in the way of development time. Don’t be fooled by the persuasive literature out there; moving to the cloud is always going to cost you in terms of development time. After all, you currently have a fully functional application, so moving that application to the cloud will cost you something. Even when looking at new development, you have an existing code base to use now, but the move ...

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