Chapter 12

Programming Techniques for AWS and MySQL


check Performing RDS- and SQL-specific tasks

check Relying on MySQL to automate tasks

check Obtaining information from specialized tables

check Transferring MySQL data using RDS

Chapter 11 acquaints you with working with RDS and helps you get all the installation tasks done for working with MySQL. You even see a simple example of using MySQL in an application environment in the section about adding support to applications. Of course, you want to do a lot more than simply create a single table and add a single data entry to it. Consider Chapter 11 to be the start of the process.

This chapter, meanwhile, focuses more on how to get database tasks done in the cloud using a combination of RDS, MySQL, and various development techniques. This chapter isn’t a primer on using MySQL or a programming language primer; it assumes that you already possess these skills. The examples are meant to demonstrate the kinds of tasks you need to perform given the differences in cloud development.

Everything you can do with a network-based database, you can do ...

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