AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

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Uncover the latest techniques to create, deploy, and maintain cloud-based applications on Microsoft Azure and learn the secrets to pass the Microsoft Azure-204 exam.

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  • Become familiar with the Microsoft AZ-204 exam pattern
  • Get to grips with Azure’s virtual machines, applications, and services
  • Master the main concepts of Azure, beyond the ones you normally use

In Detail

Cloud-hosting has changed the way all applications are developed. From websites to web applications, mobile applications, and traditional back-end applications, the rapid adoption of the cloud has touched everything. This course will make you familiar with the development and deployment of cloud applications and services and will prepare you to pass the Microsoft Azure 204 exam.

The course starts by giving you an overview of the Azure developer exam and takes you through the process of setting up the environment. Next, you will learn how to create virtual machines and become familiar with Azure App Service. Moving ahead, you will work with containers, function apps, and Azure storage accounts. Next, you will cover the database concepts that will help you connect your applications to a secure and reliable database.

Later, you will scale applications and services manually and automatically and create caching and content delivery networks. Next, you will learn to monitor virtual machines and function apps and learn the process of consuming Azure services. Toward the end, you will work on Azure application messaging and take a practice test to consolidate your learning.

By the end of this course, you will have gained all the knowledge you need to pass the Microsoft AZ-204 exam and the skills to design, build, test, and maintain cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure.


If you are a developer who is looking to acquire some Azure skills or interested in passing the Azure AZ-204 exam, this course is for you. To get started with this course, you need a free or paid subscription to Microsoft Azure and basic knowledge of development languages, such as .NET, NodeJS, or PHP.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : AZ-204 Course Welcome
    1. Overview of the Azure Developer Exam
    2. AZ-204 Exam Requirements
    3. Azure Home and Dashboard
    4. Azure Cloud Shell
    5. Installing PowerShell
  2. Chapter 2 : AZ-204 Virtual Machines
    1. AZ-204 Course - Starting Tips
    2. What Is a Virtual Machine (VM)?
    3. Creating Your First Virtual Machine – The Basics
    4. Virtual Machine Availability Concepts
    5. Virtual Machine Sizes
    6. Azure VM Disks and Networking Options
    7. VM Advanced Options and the Review Page
    8. Connecting to an Azure VM - RDP and SSH
    9. Modify and Stop a VM
    10. Azure Resource Manager model (ARM) - ARM Templates
    11. Create a VM Using PowerShell
    12. DEMO: Create a VM in PowerShell
    13. DEMO: Create a VM in CLI
  3. Chapter 3 : AZ-204 Azure App Service
    1. IaaS Versus PaaS
    2. Create an Azure Web App
    3. App Service Plan
    4. App Service Deployment Options
    5. Manual Scaling an App Service
    6. Publishing an App Service
    7. Deployment Slots
    8. App Service General Settings
    9. App Service SSL Settings
    10. Autoscaling an App Service
    11. Enable Diagnostic Logs
    12. DEMO: Create a Web App in PowerShell
    13. DEMO: Create a Web App in CLI
    14. DEMO: A look at AZ webapp up
    15. The WebApp Console
  4. Chapter 4 : AZ-204 Containers
    1. What is an Azure Container Instance (ACI)?
    2. Docker Desktop and Visual Studio Container Tools
    3. Using Visual Studio to Build a Container App
    4. Deploy an ACI App From Azure Container Registry
    5. Deploy an Azure Web App From Azure Container Registry
  5. Chapter 5 : AZ-204 Function App
    1. Introduction to Function App
    2. Creating Our First Hello World Function App
    3. HTTP Trigger Function
    4. Monitoring Function Events and Errors
    5. Adding a Blob Output Binding
    6. Timer Trigger Function
    7. Understanding Durable Functions
    8. Using NPM INSTALL in Function Apps
    9. Creating a Durable Function
    10. Adding Delays to Functions Using MOMENT
    11. Function Core Tools
    12. Visual Studio and Functions
    13. Instructions: How to Use Microsoft Learn Exercises and Sandboxes
  6. Chapter 6 : AZ-204 Azure Storage Accounts
    1. Understanding Storage Accounts
    2. Storage Account Settings
    3. Storage Account Networking and Data Protection
    4. Storage Account Encryption
    5. Upload Files to a Storage Account
    6. Access Keys and SAS Tokens
    7. AzCopy V10
    8. StartCopyFromUri Method
    9. SetMetadata Method
    10. Storage Account Backup, Replication, and Lifecycle
  7. Chapter 7 : AZ-204 Cosmos Database (DB)
    1. Introduction to Cosmos Database (DB)
    2. Create a Cosmos DB Account
    3. Global Replication Options
    4. CosmosDB Keys and Security
    5. Create a CosmosDB Collection
    6. Add Documents to CosmosDB
    7. Setting Data Consistency Options
    8. Managing Change Feed Notifications
    9. Cosmos DB Todo App Code, Line By Line
  8. Chapter 8 : AZ-204 Azure Authentication
    1. Introduction to Azure AD
    2. What Is an Azure AD Tenant?
    3. Create an Azure AD Tenant
    4. Microsoft Identity Platform
    5. Create Users in Azure AD
    6. Register an Application for Azure AD
    7. Use Application Quickstart to Code an Application
    8. Overview of Microsoft Graph API
    9. Using Microsoft Graph API to Query Azure AD
  9. Chapter 9 : AZ-204 Secure Data
    1. Secure App Configuration
    2. Data Encryption and Storage Accounts
    3. Data Encryption and Structured Query Language (SQL) Databases
    4. Azure Key Vault
  10. Chapter 10 : AZ-204 Caching and Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
    1. Introduction to Redis Caching
    2. Reading and Writing to Redis in .NET
    3. Creating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Profile
    4. Creating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Endpoint
    5. Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in Your Application
  11. Chapter 11 : AZ-204 Monitoring and Logging
    1. Virtual Machine Logging
    2. Function App Logging
    3. Azure Monitor
  12. Chapter 12 : AZ-204 Consuming Azure Services
    1. Application Programming Interface (API) Management
    2. Configuring Application Programming Interface (API) Management
    3. Testing the Application Programming Interface (API)
    4. Swagger / OpenAPI
    5. Event Grid and Event Hub
  13. Chapter 13 : AZ-204 Application Messaging
    1. Azure Storage Queues
    2. Service Bus Queues
  14. Chapter 14 : Wrapping Up
    1. Thank You!

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  • Title: AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
  • Author(s): Scott Duffy
  • Release date: August 2022
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838989293