Azure DevOps and Continuous Delivery with Git

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Welcome to this extensive course designed for professionals seeking proficiency in Azure DevOps. It begins with foundational project management methodologies, contrasting Waterfall and Agile, and discussing the integration of Agile with DevOps. The course then transitions into practical applications, guiding users through setting up an Azure DevOps Project Space, managing organizations, projects, and teams.

As the course progresses, you'll dive deep into Azure DevOps Boards, learning about work item management, sprint planning, and board customization. The course meticulously covers Azure Repos, offering insights into source control management and Git operations. This is followed by a detailed exploration of Git branching and merging techniques.

The later sections are dedicated to Azure DevOps Pipelines, where you learn to create and manage build and release pipelines, and Azure DevOps Release Pipelines, focusing on automated and multi-stage deployments. The course also touches upon Azure Test Plans and Artifact Management, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the entire Azure DevOps suite.

Throughout your journey, you will gain hands-on experience with continuous integration and deployment, enhancing your skills in modern DevOps practices and tools.

What you will learn

  • Compare and contrast Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
  • Utilize Azure Boards for effective project tracking.
  • Implement various Git branching and merging methods.
  • Create and optimize Azure DevOps pipelines for CI/CD.
  • Configure and automate release pipelines for efficient software delivery.
  • Understand Azure Test Plans and Artifacts management.


This course is ideal for developers who want to better understand code deployment with DevOps, system administrators and release engineers who want to streamline their software deployment tasks, and value stream leads, project managers, and product owners who want to better understand the CI/CD workflow. This will also benefit anyone looking to get a better understanding of Azure DevOps and how it can be introduced into an organization.

About the Author

Trevoir Williams: Trevoir Williams is a software engineer and part-time lecturer. With a master's degree in computer science, he has spent over a decade teaching web, software, and database development courses. He also has extensive industry experience in web application development, Azure Cloud system, and server administration. He enjoys teaching IT and development courses and hopes to impart knowledge of the latest developments in industry standards and techniques to his students.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 2 : Project Management and DevOps Concepts
    1. Waterfall vs Agile
    2. Agile Development and DevOps
    3. Azure DevOps and GitHub
  3. Chapter 3 : Create Azure DevOps Project Space
    1. Section Overview
    2. Create Azure DevOps Account
    3. Manage Organization
    4. Manage Project
    5. Manage Project Settings and Teams
  4. Chapter 4 : Azure DevOps Boards
    1. Introduction To Boards and Work Items
    2. Sprint Planning
    3. Customize Boards For Your Team
    4. Creating Custom Team Processes
    5. Using Queries and Dashboards
    6. Section Review
  5. Chapter 5 : Azure DevOps Repos
    1. What is Source Control?
    2. Types of Source Control Management Systems
    3. Azure Repos Overview
    4. Create New Repository
    5. Clone an existing Repository with Visual Studio Code
    6. Commit and Push using CLI
    7. Commit, Stage and Push using Visual Studio Code
    8. Fetch and Pull Code Changes
    9. Why Protect a Branch?
    10. Implement Branch Protection Policies
    11. Using Pull Requests
    12. Working with Git tags
    13. Forking a Repo
    14. Section Overview
  6. Chapter 6 : Git Branching and Merging Methods
    1. Git Merge vs Git Rebase
    2. Setup New Branches
    3. Performing a Merge (no Fast Forward)
    4. Dealing with Merge Conflicts
    5. Performing a Squash Commit
    6. Performing a Rebase
    7. Performing a Semi-Linear Merge
    8. Section Review
  7. Chapter 7 : Azure DevOps Pipelines
    1. Understanding Build and Releases Pipelines
    2. Azure DevOps Pipelines Key Concepts
    3. Azure DevOps Pipelines Overview
    4. Author YAML Azure Pipeline
    5. Configure an Azure DevOps self-hosting agent
    6. Build Pipeline using the Classic Editor
    7. Enable Continuous Integration
    8. Adding a build status badge
  8. Chapter 8 : Azure DevOps Release Pipelines
    1. Azure DevOps Release Pipelines Overview
    2. Setup Release Pipeline
    3. Testing Manual Releases to Azure Web App
    4. Automating Build and Release Pipeline
    5. Creating Multi-stage Deployments
    6. Additional Features and Considerations
  9. Chapter 9 : Azure Test Plans and Artifact Management
    1. Azure DevOps Test Plans
    2. Azure DevOps Artifacts
  10. Chapter 10 : Conclusion
    1. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: Azure DevOps and Continuous Delivery with Git
  • Author(s): Trevoir Williams
  • Release date: January 2024
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781804618660