Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control

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Welcome to Skylines Academy, where you will get a detailed introduction into Azure DevOps!
This course is for you in you want to:
• Get the best overview of Azure DevOps from one of the IT industry’s leading technologists
• Develop a skillset in Azure DevOps, which is becoming more and more sought after as organizations continue to automate processes for faster results
• Take the AZ-400 certification and are looking for a place to start

Course Description:
This course is based on a major section of the AZ-400 Certification from Microsoft: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, and includes important fundamental and in-depth lectures and demonstrations on how to start with Azure DevOps. As a foundation to learning all-things Azure DevOps, Author and Instructor Shannon Kuehn will lead you through this course and teach you the following:
1. The importance of source control and how to effectively manage and implement it:
o Source Control 101
o Git
o Source Control Systems
o Authentication to Git Repos
o Git Repo Organization
2. An overview of Azure DevOps to get you up-to-speed with the service:
o Setting up Azure DevOps with Demo Generator
o Azure Repos
o In-depth demos on Git Credential Manager, Version Control with Azure Repos, Importing/Cloning/Forking/Branching, and Pull Requests
o Azure Pipelines
o Jenkins and Azure Pipelines Integration
3. Analyze and Integrate Multi-Stage Files, including:
o Deploying Multi-Container Application to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
4. Understanding Parallel Jobs, Build Agents, and Private Agents
5. Implementing Security for Software Configuration:
o Secrets and Certificates
o Demonstration on Azure Key Vault and Azure Pipelines
6. Mobile DevOps & Visual Studio App Center
o Mobile Target Devices and Distribution Groups
o Public/Private Distribution Groups
o Target UI Test Device Sets
o Tester Devices for Deployment

Using the Skylines Academy approach, lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of Azure DevOps, and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.

The Skylines Academy AZ-400 Course Series
This AZ-400 Azure DevOps Development Processes & Source Control is part of a series of courses which will cover the entirety of the AZ-400 Skills Measured document by Microsoft. This course is also an excellent stand-alone knowledge option for those looking to amplify their skills in Source Control without studying for the AZ-400 exam. The AZ-400 courses are anticipated to be released through November 2020 in the following order:
1. Development Processes & Source Control (this course) – July 2020
2. Continuous Integration – Coming soon
3. Continuous Delivery & Release Management – Coming soon
4. DevOps Instrumentation – Coming soon
So why take this AZ-400 course from Skylines Academy?
Our students love us and so does our community (and we love them too!); according to student reviews, Skylines Academy courses have an overall 4.77 rating across all courses!

Student Reviews for Skylines Academy:
“The Skylines Academy Team clearly works hard to put together the best of the best in certification courses and content so people can not only pass exams, but really learn!”
“It is so refreshing to see a team who not only knows their stuff, but can help people learn about Azure without breaking the bank.”
“I was taking courses with [larger cloud education company name] but I found that their material really fell short, as opposed to Skylines Academy who has Authors and Content Creators who actually work in the industry and have delivered solutions to customers. You can tell when taking the courses and reading through material that they have actually had their hands on a keyboard and have been in our [the students’]

• You’ll need to spin up a free Azure account for a more hands-on experience
• We recommend you take the AZ-103 or AZ-104 course and exam to form foundational knowledge of the Azure platform
• Previous knowledge of DevOps and/or other Microsoft Azure services such as compute, network, and storage is a must.
• Drive to learn about cloud and Azure DevOps!

Welcome to the Skylines Academy Azure DevOps course: Development Processes & Source Control! We’re happy you’re joining us!

Table of contents

  1. 0. Course Introduction
    1. Introduction to Course 00:05:32
  2. 1. Source Control
    1. Lecture: Source Control 00:09:26
    2. Demo: Installing Git 00:05:05
    3. Lecture: Types of Source Control Systems 00:06:52
    4. Demo: Working with Distributed Source Control Locally (Git) 00:09:42
    5. Lecture: Authentication to Git Repos 00:00:36
    6. Lecture: Branching Strategies 00:03:47
    7. Lecture: Organizing Git Repos 00:02:19
  3. 2. Azure DevOps Overview
    1. Lecture: Overview of Azure DevOps 00:05:44
    2. Demo: Setting up Azure DevOps Demo Generator 00:01:37
    3. Lecture: Azure Repos 00:01:19
    4. Demo: Git Credential Manager, Version Control w/ Azure Repos, & Importing/Cloning/Forking/Branching/Pull Requests 00:18:53
    5. Lecture: Azure Pipelines 00:08:16
    6. Demo: Integrate Jenkins with Azure Pipelines 00:08:16
    7. Demo: CICD Pipelines AZ DevOps Project 00:28:44
  4. 3. Analyze and Integrate Multi-Stage Files
    1. Lecture: Analyze and Integrate Multi-Stage Files 00:07:48
    2. Demo: Deploying a Multi-Container Application to AKS 00:28:05
  5. 4. Parallel Jobs, Build Agents, and Private Agents
    1. Lecture: Parallel Jobs 00:05:54
    2. Lecture: Build Agents 00:05:29
    3. Lecture: Private Agents 00:07:20
  6. 5. Security for Software Configuration
    1. Lecture: Security for Software Configuration 00:01:31
    2. Lecture: Manage Secrets & Certificates 00:03:30
    3. Demo: Azure Key Vault and Azure Pipelines 00:13:14
  7. 6. Mobile DevOps & Visual Studio App Center
    1. Lecture: Mobile DevOps 00:06:26
    2. Lecture: Visual Studio App Center 00:03:56
    3. Lecture: Manage Mobile Target Device Sets & Distribution Groups 00:02:18
    4. Lecture: Public/Private Distribution Groups 00:03:17
    5. Lecture: Manage Target UI Test Device Sets 00:00:42
    6. Lecture: Provision Tester Devices for Deployment 00:00:22

Product information

  • Title: Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control
  • Author(s): Skylines Academy, Shannon Kuehn
  • Release date: July 2020
  • Publisher(s): Skylines Academy, LLC
  • ISBN: None