Azure Kubernetes Services with Microservices: Understanding Its Patterns and Architecture

Book description

Design and implement scalable microservices using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) and other Azure Services. This book will help you understand why and when to choose microservices as a solution for modernization and how to use Azure DevOps to implement CI/CD for deploying microservices.

The book starts with an introduction to the evolution to microservices and AKS along with its components. You will learn design patterns to implement microservices on AKS and understand Kubernetes as a container orchestration platform. You will go through the common errors faced in AKS-based applications and ways to handle them. You will learn error handling tips and tricks and how to design for business continuity and disaster recovery. The book discusses things you should know related to security and monitoring when working with AKS-based applications. The book presents a practical approach to set up processes for CI/CD, such as building Build and release pipelines forAKS deployment using Azure DevOps.

After reading this book, you will understand design considerations for designing scalable microservices and know how to implement the design through AKS.


What You Will Learn

  • Know design patterns for microservices and how to handle failure scenarios
  • Be aware of architecture and design considerations
  • Understand container and Kubernetes architecture components
  • Understand security and monitoring aspects
  • Take a practical approach to continuous integration and continuous delivery

Who This Book Is For

IT professionals associated with cloud computing, especially with Microsoft Azure

Product information

  • Title: Azure Kubernetes Services with Microservices: Understanding Its Patterns and Architecture
  • Author(s): Kasam Ahmed Shaikh, Shailesh S. Agaskar
  • Release date: December 2021
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484278093