Azure Platform as a Service – Web and API Application Deployment

Video description

Make use of Azure Services to build a custom PaaS Azure Cloud using App services, Database as a Service, and Data Processing as a Service.

About This Video

  • Crisp and clear content that puts the theory into practice and delves into the core of PaaS with Azure
  • Explore Azure Platform as a Service through the eyes of an IT pro
  • Build custom PaaS Azure clouds with the help of Azure's various services

In Detail

Microsoft Azure provides various services to enable Platform as a Service-based cloud development, allowing you to deliver both simple cloud-based applications and sophisticated and heavy-duty cloud-based enterprise services. This video tutorial will provide you with the necessary know-how to leverage Azure services to build your own PaaS cloud. You'll start by exploring Azure App Services, and learn to work with supported application types based on different parameters such as languages and functions. You'll learn to configure, publish, secure, and analyze your application APIs with Azure API management. Going further, you will learn to leverage Database as a Service in Azure, and work with different options for database management and also different types of databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. You'll even learn to develop NoSQL databases with the help of Azure Table Storage. Next, you will delve into Data Processing as a Service, and learn how to create custom searches for your application, enable messaging between applications and services, and work with data using Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Catalog.


This video tutorial is aimed at IT admins and cloud developers who would like to develop their clouds following the Platform as a Service model with Azure. A basic understanding of Microsoft Azure will be an added advantage.

Product information

  • Title: Azure Platform as a Service – Web and API Application Deployment
  • Author(s): Brian Christopher Harrison
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788623216