App service plan template

The parameters for the appserviceplan- ARM template are as follows:

  "parameters": {    "customTags": { "type": "object" },    "appServicePlanName": { "type": "string" },    "appServicePlanSkuTier": { "type": "string" },    "appServicePlanSkuName": { "type": "string" }  },

And the resources for this template include a single resource of type Microsoft.Web/serverfarmsThis resource is responsible for creating an App Service plan. The code for this resource is listed next:

    {      "type": "Microsoft.Web/serverfarms",      "kind": "app",      "name": "[parameters('appServicePlanName')]",      "location": "[resourceGroup().location]",      "apiVersion": "2016-09-01",      "tags": "[parameters('customTags')]",      "properties": { "name": "[parameters('appServicePlanName')]" ...

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