Appendix B. Troubleshooting 203
The problem is that during the Oracle backup, a session is opened with the
TSM server and the backup transaction is started. After data that exists in the
Oracle file is sent to the TSM server, the backup then goes into a loop
skipping the empty space in the database file (Null values). If there is a lot of
empty space, the TSM server can time-out and close the session before
RMAN can give the TDP client any additional data to send or finish the
This issue is normally witnessed if the value for commtimeout on the TSM
server is set to a low value (such as the default of 60 seconds). It is
suggested to set the commtimeout value to 600-1200 seconds when working
with database backups. This value is set in the dsmserv.opt file for the TSM
server and requires the TSM server to be restarted to take effect.
B.2.2 Administrative client queries
If you are encountering errors, there are some things that you should check
on the TSM server using the administrative client and the query command.
Run the command
query node nodename f=d replacing nodename with the
nodename that is used to back up Oracle. The value for Backup Deleted
Allowed should be set to YES. The value for Maximum Mount Points Allowed
should be equal to or less than the number of drives on the TSM server. The
value for Locked? should be set to NO. The value for Policy Domain Name
should be checked to make sure it belongs to the correct domain. This value
determines what management classes are available to the node for managing
the Oracle backups.
Using the value of Policy Domain Name, you can run some queries to see if
the correct management classes for the Oracle backups are available. The
query mgmtclass <domain> active will show which is the DEFAULT
management class for the node. The command
query copygroup <domain>
will tell you what the retention settings are for the management
B.3 Isolating the problem
When troubleshooting, you must try to isolate the cause of the problem. The
four main areas in which to try to isolate the problem are: Oracle RMAN, TDP
for Oracle, TSM API, and TSM Server.

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