254 Backing Up Oracle using Tivoli Storage Management
F.2 Running a backup and verifying that LAN-free setup is working
There is no difference in the backup commands for the LAN-free setup.
We chose a simple RMAN backup to verify that the LAN-free setup is
After executing the command we connected to the storage agent using a
TSM administrative client. Changed the TCPSERVERADRESS for the
administrative client to be the IP address of the machine running the storage
agent. We had the TSM administrative client installed on the same machine
as the storage agent, so we just used
localhost as our IP address. The admin
name and password is the same as your TSM server name and password.
Query session shows that the LAN-free backup is working. This is indicated
by the named pipe session that is sending data to the storage agent. If the
LAN-free backup was not working, either the backup would fail or you would
see a session on the TSM server that was sending the data:
C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient>dsmadmc -tcps=localhost
Tivoli Storage Manager
Command Line Administrative Interface - Version 4, Release 1, Level 2.12
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1990, 1999, All Rights Reserved.
Enter your user id: admin
Enter your password: *****
Session established with server JAMAICA_STA: Windows NT
Server Version 4, Release 1, Level 3.0
Server date/time: 03/30/2001 15:48:45 Last access: 03/30/2001 15:37:43
tsm: JAMAICA_STA>q session
Sess Comm. Sess Wait Bytes Bytes Sess Platform Client Name
Number Method State Time Sent Recvd Type
------ ------ ------ ------ ------- ------- ----- -------- --------------------
1 Tcp/Ip Start 0 S 16.5 K 23.2 K Server- JAMAICA_STA
3 Tcp/Ip Start 0 S 68.0 K 92.0 K Server- JAMAICA_STA
7 Tcp/Ip Start 0 S 128.9 K 150.6 K Server- JAMAICA_STA
12 Tcp/Ip Start 0 S 190.6 K 206.5 K Server- JAMAICA_STA
141 Tcp/Ip Start 0 S 31.1 K 31.9 K Server- JAMAICA_STA
167 Named RecvW 7 S 349 20.0 M Node DB2/NT JAMAICA_ORACLE
169 Tcp/Ip Run 0 S 18.1 K 472 Admin WinNT ADMIN

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