Chapter 14. Understanding Your Role in Learning and Growth

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Recognizing the power in your employees’ knowledge, skills, and ability

  • Evaluating the knowledge, skills, and abilities in your company

  • Achieving growth at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels


From enhancing employee productivity to ensuring the long-term growth of an organization, the importance of training and development has never been clearer in the business world. The pace you must maintain to just keep up with ever-changing customer demands, coupled with recent technology breakthroughs, has produced the most exciting business environment since the industrial revolution. Innovations are making it to market in record time. Customer-focused value is the mantra of every company yearning to make it to the top, and to get there, you must acquire and develop new skills and capabilities to meet and lead market-performance demands for the future.

This chapter focuses on the role you as a manager play in growth and development for your company. In this chapter, you discover how to identify where you want your organization to go; how to design the systems, staff structures, and acquire the technology necessary to get there; and how to sustain a leadership role. You must focus on your current financial performance, but your organization wont’ survive if you don’t also have an eye out for the future and for competitive opportunities hiding around the next corner. For managers ...

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