2Site Analysis, Set‐Up, Drainage and Scaffolding

The physical characteristics of the site and its micro‐climate will influence the decisions made about a building’s design and construction. A thorough site analysis must be completed before any design or construction work commences. Information gleaned from the site analysis can be collated into a performance appraisal document, from which informed decisions may be made by the design and construction team(s). Once the design is complete and approved by the client, relevant town planning and building control approvals are in place, and the contractor has legal possession of the site, work can commence to prepare the site for construction. This is known as the site set‐up phase. This will involve making the site (and site access) secure, installing site cabins for the welfare of workers and undertaking initial site preparation. This may involve full or partial demolition of existing structures, decontamination of the site, installation of site drainage and the connection of services prior to the construction of the foundations. Scaffolding will be erected to suit the planned schedule of work to allow the safe movement of personnel and goods during the construction phase.

2.1 Site analysis

A thorough site analysis is an essential first step that will assist development, design and construction decisions. The site analysis helps the:

  • Client to assess whether the proposed project is viable (best done in consultation with professional ...

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