Hydrogen and its Chemistry

The H-atom is the first member of the Periodic Table. It is simplest of all atoms with a nucleus of only one proton (+1charge) and a single electron in 1s orbital. It is found in more compounds than any other element, water is the most abundant compound of hydrogen. Coal, crude oil and natural gas all contain combined hydrogen, the hydrocarbons.


Hydrogen is placed with alkali metals in group 1(IA) and also with halogens in group 17(VIIA). It is due to the fact that H has similarity with Gr1 as well as Gr17 elements.


Table 9.1

Alkali metals (Gr1) Halogens (Gr 17)

One valence electron (1s1) like Gr1 metals (ns1)

One electron short than noble gas like halogens (ns2np5)

H forms ...

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