Basic Kudu Installation, API Usage, and SQL Integration

Video description

Apache Kudu is a required skill in the Big Data world because it addresses problems that are difficult or impossible to implement on current generation Hadoop storage technologies. Big data developers, architects, and engineers looking to add this skill can do so with this easy to understand hands-on exploration of Kudu's basics.

The course shows you how to install the Kudu quickstart and set up an environment, explains the essentials of Kudu data management, and introduces Apache Impala, the low-latency distributed SQL query engine for the Hadoop ecosystem. It also demonstrates how the Kudu-Impala combination allows fast analytics without losing real-time updating abilities, and explains how to use Kudu's Java APIs to create, read, and update data.

  • Master the basics of Kudu quickly and easily by using it in a hands-on environment
  • Understand the Kudu installation options and the basics of Kudu data management
  • Learn to integrate Impala with Kudu and gain experience using Kudu's Java API
  • Upgrade your ability to do fast analytics by learning the fundamentals of Kudu architecture.
Ryan Bosshart is a Principal Systems Engineer at Cloudera, where he leads a specialized team focused on Hadoop ecosystem storage technologies such as HDFS, Hbase, and Kudu. An architect and builder of large-scale distributed systems since 2006, Ryan is co-chair of the Twin Cities Spark and Hadoop User Group. He speaks about Hadoop technologies at conferences throughout North America and holds a degree in computer science from Augsburg College.

Table of contents

  1. Welcome To The Course 00:00:21
  2. About The Author 00:01:27
  3. Kudu Installation 00:03:07
  4. Creating A Table And Inserting Data In Kudu 00:06:22
  5. Querying Data In Kudu 00:04:29
  6. Using The Kudu API 00:06:59

Product information

  • Title: Basic Kudu Installation, API Usage, and SQL Integration
  • Author(s): Ryan Bosshart
  • Release date: February 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491985694