Chapter 18

Solving Geometry and Measurement Word Problems

In This Chapter

arrow Solving measurement problems, using conversion chains

arrow Using a picture to solve geometry problems

In this chapter, I focus on two important types of word problems: measurement problems and geometry problems. In a word problem involving measurement, you're often asked to perform a conversion from one type of unit to another. Sometimes you don't have a conversion equation to solve this type of problem directly, so you need to set up a conversion chain, which I discuss in detail in the chapter.

Another common type of word problem requires the geometric formulas that I provide in Chapter 16. Sometimes a geometry word problem gives you a picture to work with. In other cases, you have to draw the picture yourself by reading the problem carefully. Here I give you practice doing both types of problems.

The Chain Gang: Solving Measurement Problems with Conversion Chains

In Chapter 15, I give you a set of basic conversion equations for converting units of measurement. I also show you how to turn these equations into conversion factors — fractions that you can use to convert units. This information is useful as far as it goes, but you may not always have an equation for the exact conversion that you want to perform. ...

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