Chapter 19

Figuring Your Chances: Statistics and Probability

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing how statistics works with both qualitative and quantitative data

arrow Finding out how to calculate a percentage and the mode of a sample

arrow Calculating the mean and median

arrow Finding the probability of an event

Statistics and probability are two of the most important and widely used applications of math. They're applicable to virtually every aspect of the real world — business, biology, city planning, politics, meteorology, and many more areas of study. Even physics, once thought to be devoid of uncertainty, now relies on probability.

In this chapter, I give you a basic understanding of these two mathematical ideas. First, I introduce you to statistics and the important distinction between qualitative and quantitative data. I show you how to work with both types of data to find meaningful answers. Then I give you the basics of probability. I show you how the probability that an event will occur is always a number from 0 to 1 — that is, usually a fraction, decimal, or percent. After that, I demonstrate how ...

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