Chapter 6

Fractions Are a Piece of Cake

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing the basics of fractions

arrow Converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers

arrow Increasing and reducing the terms of fractions

arrow Comparing fractions using cross-multiplication

Fractions come into play when you divide a whole object into equal pieces. For example, if you cut a cake into four equal pieces, each piece is 9781118828045-eq06001.tif of the whole cake. Fractions are commonly used in everything from cooking to carpentry. You see a lot of them in math classes, too!

This chapter starts off with the basics of fractions, showing you how fractions use two numbers — the numerator (top number) and denominator (bottom number) — to represent part of a whole object. You discover how to recognize the three basic types of fractions (proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers) and how to convert back and forth between improper fractions and mixed numbers. Then I get you started increasing and reducing the terms of fractions. Finally, I ...

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