Chapter 8

Getting to the Point with Decimals

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding how place value works with decimals

arrow Moving the decimal point to multiply or divide a decimal by a power of ten

arrow Rounding decimals to a given decimal place

arrow Applying the Big Four operations to decimals

arrow Converting between fractions and decimals

Decimals, like fractions, are a way to represent parts of the whole — that is, positive numbers less than 1. You can use a decimal to represent any fractional amount. Decimals are commonly used for amounts of money, so you're probably familiar with the decimal point (.), which indicates an amount smaller than one dollar.

In this chapter, I first get you up to speed on some basic facts about decimals. Then I show you how to do basic conversions between fractions and decimals. After that, you find out how to apply the Big Four operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) to decimals. To end the chapter, I make sure you understand how to convert any fraction ...

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