• A triangle with side measuring b. A dashed line extends from side b, meets another dashed line at a right angle which rises with height h to the vertex opposite b.


    A = 12bh

  • A circle with radius r from center to boundary.


    A = πr2

    c = 2πr

  • A parallelogram with side b and height h that is at a right angle from side b to an opposite vertex.


    A = bh

  • A trapezoid with bases b 1 and b 2. Height h goes from one base vertex, meeting the other base at a right angle.


    A = 12h(b1 + b2)

  • A right triangle with leg ay and leg b meeting at a right angle, and hypotenuse c opposite the right angle.

    Pythagorean Theorem

    c2 = a2 + b2

  • Cylinder

    V = πr2hA = 2πrh + 2πr2

  • Cone

    V = 13πr2hA = πrs + πr2

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