As a study aid, we have included complete solutions for each Practice Test problem at the end of this book.
  1. Find the smallest positive angle and the smallest negative angle (numerically) coterminal with but not equal to  − 165 °  . 

  2. Express 37 ° 39 ′  in decimal form.

  3. Find the value of tan 73.8 ° .

  4. Find θ if cos θ = 0.3726 (assume θ is acute).

  5. A ship’s captain, desiring to travel due south, discovers due to an improperly functioning instrument, the ship has gone 22.62 km in a direction 4.05 °  east of south. How far from its course (to the east) is the ship?

  6. Find tan θ in fractional form if sin θ = 23 (assume θ is acute).

  7. Find csc θ if tan θ = 1.294 (assume θ is acute).

  8. Solve the right triangle in Fig. 4.94 if A = 37.4 ...

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