9.4 Applications of Vectors

  • Forces • Displacement • Velocity • Other Applications

In Section 9.1, we introduced the important vector quantities of force, velocity, and displacement, and we found vector sums by use of diagrams. Now, we can use the method of Section 9.3 to find sums of these kinds of vectors and others and to use them in various types of applications.

EXAMPLE 1 Forces at right angles

In centering a figurine on a table, two persons apply forces on it. These forces are at right angles and have magnitudes of 6.00 N and 8.00 N. The angle between their lines of action is 90.0 °  .  What is the resultant of these forces on the figurine?

By means of an appropriate diagram (Fig. 9.32), we may better visualize the actual situation. ...

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