13.6 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

  • Exponential Equations • Logarithmic Equations


An equation in which the variable occurs in an exponent is called an exponential equation. Although some may be solved by changing to logarithmic form, they are generally solved by taking the logarithm of each side and then using the properties of logarithms.

EXAMPLE 1 Exponential equation—solved two ways

  1. We can solve the exponential equation 2x = 8 by writing it in logarithmic form. This gives

    x =   log  2 8 = 3 2 3  = 8

    This method is good if we can directly evaluate the resulting logarithm.

  2. Because 2x and 8 are equal, the logarithms of 2x and 8 are also equal. Therefore, we can also solve 2x = 8 in a more ...

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