Note: Page numbers followed by f and t refer to figures and tables, respectively


Academic cheating, 328339

MCMC estimation, 330333

model comparison, 338

model-data fit, 337338

posterior distribution, 328330

WinBUGS, 333337

Acceptance probability

defined, 102

explanation, 105107

Adaptive testing, 302, 305

All-unknowns DAG, 135, 136f, 144f

Alternative explanations (A), 4f, 5f, 7f

Alternative prior distributions, 9091

Analysis phase, multiple imputation, 311


arguments, 5, 7f

Assessment implementation and assessment delivery, 2223, 22f

conceptual framework, 1921

defined, 3

educational, 45, 10

as evidentiary reasoning, 39

defined, 34

features, 4

Toulmin diagram, 4f

role of context in argument, 1618

Augmented predictor ...

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