Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 Which of the following is true of using VLANs?
  • A. Makes it harder to add, move, and change users

  • B. Degrades network security

  • C. Isolates networking problems

  • D. Allows only a single path in a network from one area to another

A1: Answer C is correct. Using VLANs allows for the isolation of problems within a small part of your intranet. VLANs make it easier to add, move, and change users, making answer A incorrect. Answer B is incorrect because VLANs enable you to group users together based on function, which increases your security. Answer D is incorrect because VLANs also enable you to create multiple parallel paths and load-balance across them.
Question 2 You have users who continually move around in your network and ...

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