Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 BPDU hello messages are generated every ___________ seconds.
  • A. 1

  • B. 2

  • C. 15

  • D. 30

A1: Answer B is correct. BPDU hello messages are generated every 2 seconds. Therefore answers A, C, and D are incorrect.
Question 2 The switch with the _________ is elected as the root.
  • A. Lowest MAC address

  • B. Highest bridge identifier

  • C. Lowest priority

  • D. Lowest bridge identifier

A2: Answer D is correct. The switch with the lowest bridge ID (priority + MAC address) is chosen as the root. A and C are incorrect because they're missing one of the two bridge ID components. Answer B is incorrect because it is the lowest bridge ID, not the highest.
Question 3 A switch is choosing a root port. Two ports have the same lowest accumulated path cost. ...

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