Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 Which STP enhancement takes a port out of the STP topology and always keeps it in a forwarding state?
  • A. UplinkFast

  • B. PortFast

  • C. Rapid STP

  • D. Edge port

A1: Answer B is correct. PortFast is a Cisco-proprietary STP feature that places a port in a forwarding state and removes it from the STP topology—changes on this port do not affect the STP topology. UplinkFast is used to detect a failed root port connection and immediately use a backup link that is currently in blocking mode. Therefore, answer A is incorrect. RSTP is an enhancement to the STP (802.1D) algorithm, which makes answer C incorrect. Answer D is similar to PortFast, but is a part of RSTP. An edge port is connected to a nonswitch device and kept in a forwarding ...

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