Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 You currently have a primary SE in slot 1. You've purchased a second SE. What slot or slots can you put this card in to provide redundancy with your SEs?
  • A. Slot 2

  • B. Slot 2 or 5

  • C. Any slot

  • D. No redundancy is supported

A1: Answer A is correct. To provide redundancy SEs, the two SEs must be in slots 1 and 2. Therefore, answers B and C are incorrect. Answer D is incorrect because redundancy is supported.
Question 2 You've configured RPR on your Catalyst 6500 switch. Which of the following does not cause a switchover?
  • A. Failed PFC

  • B. Clock synchronization failure

  • C. Failed line card

  • D. None of these

A2: Answer C is correct. RPR provides redundancy for the MSFC and PFC, not line cards. Answers A and B will cause a failover ...

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